03 April, 2011


Picha sijui yanani kama yako niambie nikuandike
You would wonder why today i'm talking about politics and certainly some of you might think I'm into politics! To be clear I don't do politics in real life though my career started with the same field (Science of Politics) which is technically not the politics we live (My view). So much so, my interest in this post is mainly to highlight some issues that (in my view and other people's views if any) any Government  MUST (if necessary) avoid Or face the consequences like CANADA,TUNISIA,EGYPT,LIBYA,YEMEN,SYRIA to mention a few. where political illegitimacy has (in one way or the other) appeared to the World.

Hereunder (in a point form) are the few things that undermine political legitimacy of any Goverment:
1.Giving unfulfilled promises to citizens every now and then.
2.Assuming Citizens don't know of any embezzlement (If any) by Government leaders/officials.
3.Being corrupt
4.Unequal distribution of National wealth in a particular State or Nation.
5.Cutting benefits that affect Citizens i.e Health Service,Housing,Education etc
6.Using public office as a family business enterprise where the  whole favour goes to the Family & Family friends.
7.Do not listen to citizens of any concern assuming the complaints are not basic
8.Making the constitution that favour the rulling system for example lifetime president (including those serving for a long time as if they are the only best leaders to cling on power  as per their wish)
9.Rampant unemployment
10.Poor social services i.e Health,Education etc.