09 August, 2010

Polisi UK wala bata kazini

Hapa UK polisi wa usalama barabarani hawajua kuchomwa na jua ni kitu gani kwani imekua tofauti kabisa na Tanzania ama nchi nyingi zinazo endelea ikiwemo Africa.Wenyewe vidhibiti mwendo ni kama inavyo onekana kwenye picha hapo chini.Ukitembea mwendo usio ruhusiwa basi risiti ya fine utatumiwa nyumbani kwani hio camera inapiga picha gari zote zinazo tembea kwa speed hatarishi/isio ruhusiwa kuanzia motor ways mpaka barabara za kawaida.Kwa maana hio hakuna haja traffic kujificha porini na camera kwani wanaweza hata liwa na simba (L0l-joke)

Mbali na hivyo vitendea kazi walivyo navyo mfano magari ni dalili tosha kwamba serikali yao iko makini katika ulinzi na usalama kwani magari wanayo ya uhakika mfano BMW X5, D529, Range Rover, Hummer,lambourgini, Lotus, Lexus,Jaguar,Ford,Astra, Landrover Deffender, Mecerdes Benz na nyingine nyingi bila kusahau helicopter ambazo zina nembo ya polisi na nyingine hazina ukitaka kuona picha zaidi ingia hapa http://www.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1276&bih=605&q=police+cars+UK&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
Pia kujua kama gari lako lipo barabarani kimakosa mfano kutokua na insurance, gari la wizi n.k sio lazima polisi akusimamishe akiwa kwenye gari lake either mbele au nyuma yako basi anaweza jua gari lako lina makosa na ukasimamishwa kwa mahojiano zaidi.

(camera ya kudhibiti mwendo na uhalifu barabarani-UK )

Aidha polisi ni washikaji/rafiki wa kila mtu na hawaogopwi kama wetu huko Africa, hawa wa huku UK unaweza hata ukaomba hata lift hawana noma provided makaratasi yako yapo valid maana unaweza kua kama panya alie ingia zizi la paka bila kujali litakalo tokea. Pia ukienda club wanakuwepo wengi tu nje pamoja na Ambulance tayari kuwabeba walio zidiwa na pombe (hahaha).Zaidi ya hayo wapo askari wa doria ambao wanazunguka mtaani kwa magari na baiskeli, pia kwa miguu.Changamoto yetu hapa ni serikali zetu kua makini na vitendea kazi vya maafisa wetu wa kulinda usalama mahali popote nchini

(Gari la polisi aina ya Range Rover)

Hii inakuaje wadau!!!!!!!

Mimi sina comment kuhusiana na hili na sio hater wa Asernal ila nauliza utani huu ni inakuaje? Je huku sio kukatishana tamaa?

Wakenya nao hawapo nyuma mambo ya 419

Hello Dear

Good day to you and how is everything? honestly I am glad to write you this letter and I hope everything is ok with you over there. My name is Anita Kipkalya Kones from Kenya,i am 24 years old and the daughter of the former Kenyan road minister late Dr Kipkalya Kones who died on Tuesday 10th June 2008 along the Cessna 210 plane crash which was heading to Kericho in a remote area called Kajonga in western Kenya as You can read more on the crash below:


Although we are just getting to know each other please consider it as a divine wish and accept it with a better understanding,I believe you have come to hare the good life with me because i am very lonely where i am,i just need your honest attention as you will consider me to be your closest friend. Ernestly i am writing this mail with tears and sorrow from my heart due to the condition i find myself after the passing away of my parent and nothwithstanding the whole tragic situation my step mother made me feel mallested and rejected without any cause simply because my mum had died earlier and i am from a polygamous family.

Thereafter the funeral of my late dad,my stepmother and my uncle with their african mentality conspired and sold off my father's properties worth milions of dollar to an italian expertrate and shared the money among themselves living me with nothing.

One faithful morning as i tried to open my father's briefcase,i found an important documents with which he had deposited some money in my name as the next of kin at the African development bank,Burkina Faso. I had travelled down to Burkina Faso to withdraw some of the money to take good care of my self because i am in difficulty but the Bank Director whom I met in person highlited me on my father's instruction to the bank concerning the money and how it should be withdrawn that only on the account that i am married or i should present to the bank an honest,responsible and worthy trustee whom will assist me in reclaiming the fund into safe hands and transfer it for an investment as i finish up my education.

In my search for a reliable person i have found you a man i can count on and I believe that you will not betray my trust on you but rather take me as your own sister or closest friend because right now i am suffering terribly here in Burkina faso in the refugee camp as i have no body to rescue me from this strange situation in a foreign land.

I have chosen you to be my best companion and in my prayers i am convinced that you will be the true one to rescue me from this trouble as my husband or trustee and i am having the trust that wih you i will accompish this successfully. I have the money confirmed in the bank $7.2 million in their records as unclaimed bill in my father account and i have the death certificate and the deposit certificate of the fund to state as proof of my geneuity.

I shall compensate you as you want from the whole money in as much as you could help me make the transfer of this money into your account successfully. I wait upon your positive response showing your interest and ability to stand for me in this situation and carry to carry out this transaction and in the light of the above i shall appreciate your urgent message indicating your willingness to help me with all your mind to achieve this successfully with a better details about yourself ok. Thanks and God bless you as i look forward to seeing your reply.

Miss Anita Kipkalya

Sitaki kuamini wadhungu pia design wamo!!!!

My name is David Blake I am from Scotland Please take this serious,
I am taking this liberty anchored on strong desire to ask for your
assistance for help. Your consent and urgent attention will greatly be
needed, devoid of apprehensions.

I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. It has defied all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts My family and few friends have betrayed me, I have 5 million dollars which i want you to help me distribute to charity in your country and for research into the cure of cancer. I am ready to give you a percentage of the money for your time and efforts. Please get back to me via this email address
for more details


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