26 June, 2010

Ingekua vipi.....

je uko tayari kua kama huyu responsible father? je ndugu, jamaa na marafiki wakikuona uko hivi watasemaje? Limbwata? je ni vibaya kumsaidia wife kama hivi? Mimi naona hii too much hata kama kazi kusaidiana home.Yani nioshe vyombo na mtoto mgongoni tena pengine wife anaangalia TV!!! Sijaoa bado lakini nadhani hii haijakaa sawa. siwezi osha vyombo na mtoto mgongoni na wife anaangalia TV... wewe unaonaje hii?

World Cup Excuse to cheating...

Cheating is not an easy task as some people would think.As such cheating is even harder when the person you intend to cheat knows better than you (Brave). To me it is ridiculous cheating unnecessarily to your beloved one.And the funniest thing is, You call him/her the one and only literally in essence. Why literally? the reason is obvious you don't mean what you said earlier. Wonderful enough big events including World Cup seems to be used as an excuse
for cheating to couples, so Abiria chunga mzigo wako!

If you look at this cartoon, you will definitely know the position of yours in line with cheating and lying.I don't want to go into details but I hope everyone knows 'cheating' has been there since, the only difference between now and them days back is basicly the so called globaliziation.With the introduction of new technologies including Mobile phones, internets the World has now been made smaller than before.

It is said the world is as small as a village and the increased mobility of people and the means of communications has over time fostered the situation. Taking mobile phones as an example you can contact the person instantly based on the network coverage locally/internationally.

Phones in general have both merits and demerits depending on the usage.Mobile phones for example are good to cover unpleasant behaviour including cheating as seen in the cartoon hereunder. Imagine you make call to a person and he/she answers like this ''sorry dear i'm so sleepy i can't speak clearly'' At the very same minute you hear this,''please two pints of VODKA for me and my love'' In essence this is what exactly happens in this cartoon, You all watch the same match!! why different teams????? Egypt is not among the teams in the 2010 World Cup! shame on you kama upo lol! hapo usikute hallo na mbona sikusikii nyingi mpaka basi. I call it failed cheating!.

See for yourself how instant mobile phone works here hahahahaha! So funny.

Kama haitoshi Now for those who are married, they think land line/home phones are better than mobiles because you've to be there (Home) in order to pick up the phone.So with the introduction of phones cheating has seemingly spotted to have increased due to easy and increased commuincations/interactions which is true but that shouldn't be a point to say cheating has just began.

It is just that, now is easy to reach the person/identify and finally know if there is any cheating going on or about to happen if the person is not smart enough though it is not always the case since there is no perfect being, no one is smart all days, that means one day you will fall prey (Caught) so stop cheating!

What would be you are views on the introduction of phones in relation to cheating?