08 September, 2008

Education opportunity!!

Make use of the resources availble, why keep quiet? keep on asking if you really need to... I would think that wise intellectuals and non intellectuals could easily share useful information with other people. It is of course not always the case but whoever asks them might get the information in need. Africa as a continent has rich intellectuals or pundits in different intelligences who are all over the world. Taking as an example Tanzania have so many people abroad. In my opinion these people can help giving tips of information.For example scholarships information etc. As such getting scholarship has for years been difficult and competitive. So people need to get informed of where, how and when there is scholarship anounced. This will at least give them chance to make applications on time.

It is of course no doubt financial problems affects many of them (us) but with the help of fellows who might have the right and timely information, these people might get educational opportunities through scholarships as much as they have comprehensive information on where and how to apply.Not only that, but also those who have access to internet is even easier, they can search from the internet to find out online scholarships where by applicants can download application forms, fill in and send back to the institution concerned.

It is sad when people lack funds and access to the right and timely information regarding places they can study through scholarship while some/few people enjoy this opportunity without sharing to any one who in one way or the other will never get those opportunities due to lack of information.Today i'm glad to give out one link where you can find what can be of you are interests for those scholarship hunters. I do hope the link will be helpful to find out scholarships.Try your lucky apply all scholarships you wish/prefer.Even if you have enough fund to finance whatever studies privately it is not bad trying either.This is what I call ''making use of the resources available''

So the aspect of knowledge and information intellegence makes sense when it is communicated and with feedback compliment.The link hereunder is given by our friend, A Tanzanian residing in the USA. In my view this man is so generous as far as knowledge and information sharing is concerned. So try your lucky by visiting his blog which goes by the name: makulilo.blogspot.com.or click Scholarships in the links given under MITANDAO MBALI MBALI.

Try this and leave you are comment on success and or failure regading the same. And if you think it is useless take it for granted, some might get or meet their dreams here.So much so any complete communication loop have to have a feedback. ni mtazamo tu lakini.ciao