23 March, 2011


The rules for student visas into the UK are to be much tougher - after fears that this route of entry is being used dishonestly. The Home Secretary Theresa May said student visas were being abused and "too many were here to work and not to study". To start with, she announced plans to cut quarter (80,000) of the current number of students entering the UK.
Mrs May told the House of Commons that the misuse of student visas had become a "symbol of a broken and abused immigration system". On the other hand Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper warned that rules must not damage an industry worth £5bn a year.
Accordingly, to tighten the process language rule will be used. Students must be able to speak English. Besides that, students must at least be able to describe their courses to be pursued. That according to her will make the most in the best interests of legitimate students only.
Also tighter regulations will be introduced on the dependants of students to join them in the UK plus less flexibility in the number of years that overseas students can spend after graduation.
On top of that overseas students will have limits on hours of paid work.

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