23 February, 2011

Pirates kill four U.S. hostages near Somalia.

Somali Pirates shot dead four U.S. hostages on a private yacht on Tuesday, the deadliest incident involving Americans kidnapped for ransom in the increasingly dangerous waters off Somalia.The incident is reported to have happened before the American special forces boarded the vessel,The U.S. military said.

In retaliation the U.S. troops killed two pirates as they took control of the boat, and took 15 pirates into custody. Apparently two other pirates were found dead when the U.S. special forces arrived but they were not killed by U.S. forces, the military said.The U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said her government was "deeply saddened and very upset by the murder of four American citizens" and told reporters that,''more effective approach to maintaining security on the seas, in the ocean lanes are essential to commerce and travel''

Read More: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/02/22/us-somalia-pirates-usa-idUSTRE71L3JP20110222

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