15 July, 2010

Difficult Interview questions...2

If you are a job seeker make sure you understand what has been asked and try to be succinct while answering.If you've not heard what has been asked try to beg a pardon!.

Most people think if they expose their weaknesses that means a disqualification but in essence employers seek to hear the best position of yours by accepting weakness as a challenge and being eager to improve.No person is perfect in this world however skilled.Nevertheless this can be linked with the ability to solve problems.Most employers prefer employing people who are problem solvers despite their weaknesses and focus to get things done with great performance.

It is clear no employer would expect to hear bad things, but with the support of how are you going to improve or how you've been striving to get rid of the weakness you've that will convince the employer to give you job if and only if you've demosntrated the skills, the experience,the way you can handle problems, the best of you in an organization and many more which are of value to the organization.


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