28 May, 2010

Scholarship Scams!!!:

Following the fast ever growing number of scholarship seekers worldwide and based on the means through which adverts are being made on scholarships. Scholars MUST bear in mind that, not all scholarships information/correspondences/emails are genuine. This should be understood from the very beginning of any process in this context that, since a scholarships is a NEEDY thing, an illegal plan for making money (SCAM) is so prevalent and linked to both true and fake scholarships. So today I’m giving you some things that you should be skeptical in pursuit of scholarships.

Firstly, be skeptic on any request for Personal Information: Some scams ask for your personal details. For example: bank statements, date of birth, passwords, account numbers etc. NEVER share any of your personal information with anyone online!.

Secondly, Watch out application fee: Scholarship scammers might act as organizations that charge fees for availing procedures or application submissions that could be undertaken for free!. Again NEVER pay for scholarship application fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chunga vijisent vyako!!!!.

Thirdly, questioning every now and then is sometimes not good, BUT for this one you’ve to question every single thing, You MUST question "Winnning" a Scholarship that You Never Applied!!!!: Scholarships scams may contact college/University students informing them that they have won full scholarship. You cannot win a scholarship if you have never applied for it before! Never on Earth!!. A bit of linking this with DAILY scams in our inboxes….at least every day I receive an email like this ‘’you’ve a won a sum of 75,000£’’ give us your details so that we can process it for you (example only).The question here is, how can you win without doing the LOTTERY thing??????

Fourthly, be skeptic on any guaranteed scholarship award: Scams that guarantee an award focus mainly on trapping tempted students. Nobody can guarantee a scholarship. . Don't get into the trap commonly known as 'Scholarship guarantee'. Nothing of the sort exists on Earth except SCAMS!

Fifth and last, there is NO Free Scholarships: How? Nothing comes so easily and for free. No such thing like free Scholarships. This means Scholarships are generally given to students with genuine and asked academic records. UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY A DEGREE, which I’ve no comment at this point in time!.

NB: As a scholarship aspirant you MUST research around meticulously on the funding procedures IF ANY!! Or else at least every scholarship seeker is at risk of being a prey to any scholarship scam.

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