05 May, 2010

Ash Clouds returns to the UK.

Some airspace in the UK have been closed again due to the cloud of volcanic ash from the Iceland which has once again returned leading to disrupted passengers travel plans. Flights affected of the same include those over parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Similarly, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast International are amongst the airports affected. Glasgow flights resumes on Thursday 0100 whereas Edinburgh resumes 1900 tonight. However the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will give updates after 1800.

Last month, the ash cloud forced the closure of much of Europe's airspace for almost a week. Thus this time, the CAA says passengers should contact their airlines to check whether their flight is operating. At the same time passengers are warned of the EMAIL SCAMS targeting passengers whom their travel plans been disrupted by the ash. Hence, they are advised to delete any message asking for personal details including passport information for refund. Instead all inquiry/claims have to be directed to the airline first for further details.

(Source: uk news/yahoo.com)

Read more at http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20100505/tuk-new-no-fly-zone-as-ash-cloud-returns-45dbed5.html

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