03 March, 2010

World richest football clubs revealed!

From sky sports:
Accountancy firm Deloitte have announced the annual football money league report. The report confirms Spanish football club ‘Real Madrid’ to be the top revenue earning club. The club has been spotted to be the top football's rich list for the sixth year in succession, as Manchester United dropped to third and Barcelona (Spanish) taking second position. That have been revealed after ‘Real’ revenue records being unveiled depicting fantastic move in excess of 400 Euro millions, which is equivalent to £ 343 million for the first time. Based on the report therefore, Manchester remains the top earning club in England, followed by Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City and New castle, which despite being in the championship managed to remain in the top 20.

The top 20 list is as follows:
1 Real Madrid, Spain
2 Barcelona, Spain
3 Manchester United, England
4 Bayern Munich, Germany
5 Arsenal, England
6 Chelsea, England
7 Liverpool, England
8 Juventus, Italy
9 Inter Milan, Italy
9 AC Milan, Italy
11 Hamburg, Germany
12 AS Roma, Italy
13 Lyon, France
14 Marseille, France
15 Tottenham, England
16 Schalke, Germany
17 Werder Bremen, Germany
18 Borussia Dortmund, Germany
19 Manchester City, England
20 Newcastle, England

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