22 March, 2010

The reasons why students fail.

Being student is a milestone and nice stage in life regardless of the Level,Type of School/College/University etc, Field, Geographical location and others. Student life is both enjoyable and miserable at some point. Its enjoyable when you get and or achieve what was required of you at least in smooth and supporting environement. Above all the achievement embraced here have to be lucrative. Apparently, students life could be miserable when the learning environment does not support students in the process. Many developing countries including Tanzania experience this situation due to different reasons.For example budget deficits, misallocation of resources,lack of priorities and many others. Despite this fact it's of course debatable on the causes of student failures based on the learning environment and the students themselves. As such, they have been pointed to be the cause of failure not because they are not brilliant or serious but because of the following:

[1]:CARELESSNESS:Some Student are careless even in the exam hall.just because they want to be noticed,they will quickly rush through the question and submit their script forgetting to write their names,going astray thereby failling

[2]:OVERCONFIDENCE:Some students so much beliefs they know it all thereby relenting or abandon studying hard.This can also lead them into failures.(In this instance even class dodgers believe in a miracle of doing better during examinations)

[3]:INDISCIPLINE:Some student have a good reading time table,but do not make use of it,due to lack of self DISCIPLINE and taking things for granted

[4]:RESTLESSNESS:It is dangerous for a student who want to excel in his or her discipline to be restless,because it will weaken you,and you won't be able to read.Even if you try,you will definitely sleep off,or find it difficult to assimilate.Experiencing pre-occupied mind etc

[5]:PROCRASTINATION:Many people fall into this category.The reading,assignment or research they ought to do instantly is been prosponed or delayed,threfore leading to their failure.

[6] POOR TIME MANAGEMENT:some students have a careless mind when comes to time management. Student life requires proper use of time to meet course and or subject requirements

[7] LACK OF TIME TABLES: Some Students do not bother making their own self timetbles to revise or self study after classes.Lacking timetables foster failure in balancing time to read every subject, instead one can find himself/herself reading one subject everyday!!

[8] DIVERTED INTERESTS:Due to Teaching that fails to engage the students who finally will like watching movies,game station, chatting, reading story books rather than those recommended for the subject or modules resulting to poor time management.Also they hate the school or the building because for them it is boring

[9] LACK OF MOTIVATION on the student's or teacher's part, no parental involvement or encouragement, unassessed/untreated learning disabilities(poor support). It could even be drug or alcohol problems or illness .. so many factors really.


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