15 February, 2010

Studying in the UK

Things to consider when planning to study abroad, UK in particular. Prepare the following:-

1. Academic Certificates of previous attended Schools, Colleges/Universities
2. Your own bank account (The new visa application system requires applicants personal Bank statement) or sponsor bank statement attached with a letter of commitment to pay for the applicant.
3. English proficiency Certificate  IELTS( Availability:British Council-Dar es salaam)
4. Your passport (Proof of Nationality and D.O.B)
5. Enough funds, life in the UK has changed tremendously it is very hard to attend a full time course in an accredited University while working to pay fees, at least the ability to pay fees have to be guaranteed. (I’ve seen several friends failing to graduate even in cheap colleges, why? Fees problem! In this case it’s even worse when thinking of studying at the University without any back up from home)

Visa information for Tanzanian students
All Tanzanian nationals who wish to study in the UK will need to apply for a student visa before they are eligible to enter the UK and begin their programme of study.

Unconditional letter
The university you’ve applied will send you unconditional letter prior to the 1st one which is normally conditional. Once you have accepted your offer of a study place and met the conditions been asked including paying fees of not less than 66% of the total fees per course, they will send you an unconditional letter which confirms your study place at the University you’ve applied. You will need this document to apply for your study visa to come to the UK. NB. No student visa will be processed without offer letter.

Immigration requirements
The British High Commission Dar Es Salaam, website has a full list of the immigration requirements to be met by Tanzanian nationals who wish to study in the UK. All UK visa applications at Dar es Salaam, must be done by submitting an online application. Here you can apply for a UK visa and book your appointment to submit your visa application over a secure internet connection.

NB: Please make sure that:
 You have answered clearly all of the required questions on the form(s)
 Signed and dated the form(s) where asked
 Any supporting documents you provide are originals or attested copies plus one photocopy of each original document submitted
 You make your application at least six weeks before you intend to travel and not more than 3 months before your travel date
 You fill out separate application forms for each person travelling, including children travelling on parents' passport

TB requirement

You will need to obtain an IOM Medical Certificate confirming that you are free from infectious tuberculosis (TB) if you are aged 11 years and over and applying for visa to go to the United Kingdom for a period longer than six months. Only diplomatic passport holders will be exempted. To arrange your medical examination, please contact the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Dar es Salaam.
Note: Without this certificate, refusal is the obvious result! ‘’Mind your vijicent’’ coz it’s Non-refundable!

Collection of visa decisions
When you lodge your application, you will be given be a date on which your decision should be available and we will contact you if this changes. You can collect your decision Monday to Thursday 14.00– 15.00.
Note: a) No visa collection on Fridays!!

          b) The British High Commission will no longer have any ability to arrange visas at short notice.

Find more in ‘’How do I apply’’ http://ukintanzania.fco.gov.uk/en/visiting-uk/visas/how-do-i-apply/ OR go to the main page for more information http://ukintanzania.fco.gov.uk/en/

Advice on Immigration
Most Universities through the international office have teamed staff to advice on immigration including:-
 Details of relevant immigration regulations and the documentation required to obtain a visa
 Guidance on what will happen upon entering the UK
 What to do if you have problems with immigration
 Advice on how the University's International Student Support office can offer information and advice, to students and any dependants, on extending your visa once you are in the UK.
Last and important note: Fake documents can lead you being banned entering the UK, be advised!

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