20 January, 2010

Wapenda safari ndani ya EU

Wale tunaopenda safari ndani ya EU kuna shirika moja la ndege naona nauli zake ni sawa na bure.Kama wewe ni mmoja wao basi tembelea site yao uone. Site yao ni http//www.ryanair.com/en Natumani itasaidia kwa wale wanaopenda kusafiri ndani ya EU tu kutembelea ndugu jamaa na marafiki,tembelea hio site mara kwa mara hio ni promo tu unaweza enda Spain, Holland Ireland,Belgium,France etc kwa 5£ tu. Hawa jamaa nadhani wanajua kama mifuko imetoboka ''credit crunch'' Natamani ingekua summer lol kazi kwenu wadau.


Anonymous said...

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Rijakis said...

@anon 11:53,
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